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Sodick is a global provider of precision plastic injection molding machines for various industries 

To a medical molder - The melt stream for V-LINE system mold parts is much cleaner than that of other machines for several reasons.


First, we employ no check ring. Therefore, no material can stick and degrade on the check ring. Second, due to our design, there is absolutely no flow-back of material, decreasing the residence time of the plastic melt. Third, there is relatively much less metal-to-metal contact (compared to a ring-type check valve, and much less than 3-piece interlocking type check valve), so no metal find its way into your parts. Finally, our patented bypass nozzle ensures a "first-in, first-out" scenario for the plastic melt. 

Repeatable process on high cavitation applications / Reduction of part weight variations 
Small injection units for "residence time" sensitive polymers such as PEEK, PLA, PGA, TPU and LCP 
Micro molding capability to adapt miniaturization of medical device development
Highly endosed by many medical OEMs especially in long term implantable applications.

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Our Industry Specific Applications


Applications include implantable medical device components, insert molding components, high cavitation tight tolerance parts, miniature/micro medical components, silicone parts, and bio-resorbable parts


Applications include gear-like functional parts, coil bobbins & sensors, fuel related components, and wire harness connectors.


Applications include narrow pitch connector, complex geometry housing, insulator, bobbin, switch, IC Socket, and gears


Applications include high optic lens, micro lens arrays, fresnel lens, thin-wall light guide, LED related lens application