Sodick ultra-precision molding technology in action

These videos feature our ultra-precision molding innovations, showcasing a variety of applications on our wide range of molding machines and highlighting the technology behind our premier injection capabilities.

Sodick NPE2018 Recap

Sodick NPE2018 Demo. Vertical Molding machine, micromolding applications, Conformal cooling mold, V…

Sodick Metal 3D Printer

Sodick Metal 3D Printer: OPM250 for conformal cooling solution. Sodick will bring this to NPE2018. …

Sodick IoT MR30 -- IPF2017 Demo

Sodick offers Smart Factory using Metal 3D Printer: OPM350 and all-in-one molding machine: MR30. N…

Sodick GL30 LP IPF2017

Sodick Micro Molding series - GL30-LP demo. PEEK molded filter applications. High response, high pre…

Sodick GL30 @ MD&M West 2017

Sodick 30 ton molding machine at MD&M West 2017 running Microfluidic part by Plastec Engineering

GL100 - SODICK 100 ton Horizontal Press

SODICK GL100 - Global Platform Mid Size Horizontal Press at IPF 2014 - molding connector

LP20EH3 - SODICK 20 ton Micro Molding Machine at IPF2014

SODICK - 20 ton Micro Molding Machine at IPF 2014 running 1.9 sec cycle

HC03VRE - SODICK 3 ton Micro Vertical Molding Machine

SODICK - 3 ton high speed Micro Molding Machine at Japan Plastic Show IPF 2014

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