Plustech Unveils New Micro-Molding Injection Molding Machine

The GL30-LP is able to reduce clamp tonnage to an amazing 5 percent and features the highest injection response time in its class, at an impressive 2-3 ms.

Schaumburg, IL – February 15, 2016 – Plustech, Inc., the North American Branch of Sodick’s IMM Division, unveiled a new model of injection molding machine during the recent MD&M show in Minneapolis, MN. The event included North America’s formal introduction of the GL30-LP, a micro-molding injection molding machine.

Plustech Booth MD&M, GL30LP

Plustech Booth MD&M, GL30LP

The GL30-LP is the latest addition to Plustech’s line-up of horizontal injection molding machines. This high-performance model offers excellent repeatability and accurate plasticization. The machine provides advanced injection for micro features with extremely tight tolerances. It includes Sodick’s V-Line two-stage plunger system, which separates the plasticization and injection processes for consistent measurement and injection of the melt stream. The 30 ton machine incorporates a true hybrid clamping mechanism utilizing an upgraded servo motor controlled hydraulic pumping system.

With unparalleled platen alignment and a high rigidity clamp ensures that the clamping force is applied uniformly. This new machine is able to reduce the clamp tonnage to an amazing 5 percent, dialing it down to 1.5 tons without losing any accuracy. The GL30-LP has the highest injection response time in its class at an impressive 2-3 ms.

The GL30-LP featured a demo provided by MTD Micro Molding, out of Charlton, MA. The demo piece was a RTP’s Polysulfone RADEL® material, four-cavity micro (thin wall) bushing with Star Automation robot. “The bushing actually had a relatively basic tool construction compared to the majority of tools we build today,” stated Lindsay Mann, Director of Marketing for MTD Micro Molding. MTD Micro Molding is a Plustech customer and owns Sodick equipment. “We have found the Sodick equipment very helpful in meeting our varied requirements. The machines do not require many modifications to successfully process a multitude of different materials. We also are impressed with the machines repeatability,” stated Dennis Tully, President of MTD Micro Molding.

Radel 0.6g PR1

MTD Micro Mold Thin Wall Bushing Radel 0.6g PR1

MTD Micro Molding has impressive in-house capabilities including a Sarix EDM machine that has a micro EDM capability and uses cutting tools with a diameter of a red blood cell; this allows the company to make much more complex part designs with a mirror-smooth surface finish, perfectly detailed corners and sharp edges a reality. MTD Micro Molding is a vertically integrated contract manufacturer that does 100 percent micro-medical work. The company does business with more than half of the top 25 medical device companies in the world and produces millions of micro components every year.

About Plustech, Inc.:
Plustech, Inc., the North American Branch of Sodick, Inc., is located in Schaumburg, IL. Sodick IMM are exclusively sold and serviced by Plustech in North America. Sodick is a global leader in the manufacturing of precision injection molding machines. Sodick injection molding machines have had a presence in North America since the 1990s. The company offers its customers the support they need to compete and succeed with new technologies and unmatched reliability.

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