Grant Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. Acquires its first Sodick Injection Molding Machine

SF Bay Area based Grant Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., is a high quality custom injection molded plastic manufacturer for Biotech, Life Sciences, and consumer products. They announce the purchase of a new state of the art injection molding machine.  The Sodick Ultra Precision Injection Molding Machine is designed with a V-Line two stage plunger.   Sodick’s two stage plunger injection system, with its patented positive shut off system, provides maximum control and reliability in the molding process, which will ensure the production of consistent quality and uniformity in the molded parts.

Why choose Sodick?


Sodick EDM machines have been an integral part of Grant’s tooling shop since 2005.  The accuracy and reliability of Sodick’s high performance EDM machines is widely known.  With the purchase of Sodick’s Ultra Precision IMM GL150 the ability to mold parts with greater precision and consistency will enhance the capability to compete with the overseas markets and off shore manufacturing.

When will the new machine arrive?

Grant Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.’s first Sodick IMM arrives in November 2016.  The 150 ton GL150 has a 40mm screw diameter and 40mm plunger diameter with a shot size of 8.44 oz.. The 150 ton machine will be one of the largest machines at the facility, and with the specialized two stage plunger system, the company will now be able to run a wider variety of injection molded parts with even greater precision.

A little bit about Grant Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

Grant Engineering & Manufacturing has been helping customers create high quality precision parts from injection molded plastics since 1982.   Under the leadership of Randall Grant, the company incorporated in May 2016 in order to increase the ability to serve a wider customer base.   They are a full-service injection molded plastics manufacturer and tooling company offering complete tooling services & manufacturing, as well as kitting and assembly for finished goods.  Their mission is to deliver high- precision parts that meet or exceed customers’ expectations for quality, turnaround time, and cost.

Looking forward

The arrival of the Sodick IMM GL150 is the first in a series of steps to increase productivity and quality, company wide.

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