Omega purchases and implements a molding press that takes a different approach to injection molding

Problem:  Omega Plastics was recently challenged with a project that required high precision/very tight tolerances, a very expensive resin, along with requiring a very small shot size.  Their existing, traditional, molding equipment presented a serious concern, especially regarding the issue of material residence time.

Solution:  Through diligent research, Omega’s Molding Specialists’ discovered a piece of equipment that, on paper, seemed to deliver a process that resolved the project concerns.

Sodick offers a unique approach to injection molding by separating the plasticizing of resin from the actual injection process using what they call their 2-Stage Plunger Injection System or “V-LINE®” Injection.

After a visit to Sodick’s manufacturing facility, Omega’s Molding Specialists were sold on the GL30A and the press was added to Omega’s ‘Cleanroom’ inventory.

The GL30A is Sodick’s flagship machine for critical tolerance parts that require extreme precision with both material preparation and injection dosing accuracy.  Using the two-stage plunger injection molding system, molders are provided with an ‘Exact Dosing’ capability.


Traditional Injection Molding mechanical process Issue



Sodick’s “V-LINE®” injection approach uses the screw tip for the positive shut-off of resin instead of a traditional floating check ring, thereby prohibiting any backflow of material which results in loss of injection pressure as well as a source of material contamination and high maintenance. 


The following are several key advantages Omega has gained since adding the GL30A:

  • The extreme acceleration of the plunger enables “downsizing” of runners and improve on the overall process.
  • Accuracy / repeatability and “stable molding”  when using the GL30A.  Small process “strike zones” are target applications for this machine.
  • Push the Limit with Thin Wall Applications
    • Up to 1,500 mm/sec (59”/sec) speed
    • Up to 343 MPa (49,750 psi) pressure
  • Small Shot Size from 2.0cc (0.07oz)
    • High dosing accuracy combined with an ultra-repeatable process
    • Quick response in injection acceleration & deceleration
    • Accepts standard size pellets
  • Optimum Injection Unit Size
    • High temperature heaters – standard
    • Wear resistant screw and barrel – standard
    • Optional large clamp with small injection
    • Optional bigger screw with smaller plunger
    • Shot usage from 10% of total shot or less

The GL30A is also equipped with 788 F high temperature heater bands, standard, because it is common to run many engineering grade materials like PEEK, PEI, PPS, LCP, etc.

Visit Sodick Two Stage Plunger Injection System – V-LINE Injection to watch a short video of the process.

To learn more about Omega, visit their site.

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