Webinar – CONAIR on July 15


Improve product quality through proper dosing

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Until the last decade, precision dosing for repeatability has been a struggle in the plastics industry. Resin is one of the highest expenses (along with personnel) for plastics processors. In addition to maintaining product quality and uniformity through repeatable, reliable precision dosing of resin, utilizing only the amount of resin/additives you need reduces expensive resin consumption. In this presentation, you will learn about exciting new technology that allows for overcoming traditional challenges commonly found in ultra-low rate dosing. The presentation will also explain differentiators in choosing the best equipment for your low-to-medium rate dosing.

This is a can’t-miss presentation about cost-saving technology in feeding/dosing with ROI that allows for quick picking of low hanging cost savings.

Speaker: Alan Landers, Product Manager – Blending

Alan Landers has 30 years of machine design experience focused on Industry 4.0, extrusion control, blending, material-conveying and scrap recovery systems for wire and cable, blown and cast film, profile, pipe and carpet fiber manufacturers. His electronic engineering degree and prior experience, provided him with the unique skills required for analyzing difficult process problems, and in-turn, designing unique machine solutions. He is named on three US patents for machine designs for difficult to feed powder and liquid plastics. He joined Conair in 2009.