Micro Molding

A true micro molding approach for the most demanding miniaturization applications

There is an overall increased demand of micro molding applications in the medical, electronics, industrial and MEMS industries. These industries are challenged parts requiring extremely tight tolerances, small weights and detailed microscopic features.

Sodick Micro Molding Injection Molding Machine Features

  • Dosing Accuracy

    The V-LINE To-Stage Plunger injection system provides exceptional shot-to-shot accuracy, exact dosing and repeatability.

  • Small Shot Size Barrel Selections

    Our micro molding series provides small shot size barrels starting as low as 2.0cc with a 14mm screw and 8mm plunger.

  • High Speed, High Pressure Injection

    Provides up to 1500mm/sec (59”/sec) max injection speed with 343MPa (50,000 psi) injection pressure.

  • Quick Acceleration & Deceleration Response

    Our patented low mass injection plunger, combined with the proprietary linear motor drive servo valve, provides outstanding response time for both acceleration and deceleration in as little as 2 milliseconds.

  • High Precision Clamping Mechanism

    The Sodick robust, hybrid, three-platen clamp mechanism produces optimum platen parallelism and even clamping pressure distribution.

As the commodity style of molding progressively shrinks in the market in favor of tighter tolerance applications, it is clear that control will be the driving force in the future of micro molding applications. Sodick is committed to pushing the limits to deliver the best solutions.

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