Ultra-precision repeatability, superior polymer process performance and advanced thin wall molding processing

The most important functions of the injection molding machines are:

  • CONSTANT plasticizing heat profile
  • CONSTANT material viscosity
  • CONSTANT filling in constant time
  • CONSTANT holding in constant time

Designed on these principles, Sodick achieves a perfect harmony of critical plasticizing and injection functions. These principles are the cornerstone of the V-LINE Two-Stage Plunger design, giving our Sodick machines a value added solution.

Sodick Thermoplastic Injection Molding Machine Features

  • Ultra-Precision Repeatability

    By utilizing a proprietary linear motor driven servo-valve with the V-LINE Two-Stage Plunger system, we can provide EXACT dosing in every shot.

  • Difficult Material Applications

    Our thermoplastic injection machines perform stable injections, even in difficult material applications like LCP, PC, Ultem, PEEK, PPS and more. Unlike a conventional reciprocating screw using a ring, Sodick separates the plasticizing function from the injection to achieve extremely consistent raw material plasticizing and injection.

  • Thin-Wall Applications

    Our plunger system to achieves super high speeds and pressures up to 1500mm/sec and 49,700 psi in as little as 0.007 seconds and drops back to 0 in the same amount of time. High response injection is one of the most important characteristics in critical molding applications. Our machine’s quick deceleration is directly attributed to our low mass/low inertia ultra-precision control.

  • Increased Regrind Ratio / Reduced Mold Cleaning Cycle

    Reduced degradation of plastic melt and reduced opportunity for contamination during processing allows for higher regrind-to-virgin material utilization ratios and reduced mold-cleaning cycles.

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