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Principles of Non-Newtonian Rheology and the Characteristics of Extreme Shear Rates | Sodick and Friends

  Principles of Non-Newtonian Rheology and the Characteristics of Extreme Shear Rates Rheology is the study of the flow of liquids as well as the deformation of solids. In the realm of Plastics Engineering, the specific study of non-Newtonian fluids is an absolute necessity in finding success. In contrast to fluids that follow classical Newtonian […]

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Polymer Material Considerations for Implantable Medical Device Applications | Sodick and Friends

October 7 @ 1 PM CST   Polymer Material Considerations for Implantable Medical Device Applications Implantable medical device applications present their own set of challenges due to the strong regulatory compliance and high risk involved. Depending on the desired performance, devices could remain intact in the body or could be reabsorbed with time. Proper material selection […]

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The First Step to Industry 4.0 | Sodick and Friends Webinar

October 7 @ 1 PM CST   Novel Multivariate Shrinkage Sensing Technology for Injection Molding – First Step to Industry 4.0 The rapid growth of the plastics injection molding market in the past couple of decades is also a growing pain for the manufacturers due to increasing quality and regulatory requirements in almost all the molding […]

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Sodick & Friends – Beaumont on Aug 19

What is Flow Grouping – and Why Should You Care? How do we utilize Flow Grouping to determine the source of fill imbalances in multi-cavity molds? How can you use Flow Grouping to get to the root cause of your imbalances faster? Beaumont’s Kevin Rottinghaus will answer these questions and more as he dives into the […]

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Sodick & Friends – NuTec on Aug 5

Automating in an Automated World: Protecting Profit Over the Long Haul. Automation is not just for high-volume applications where people simply can’t keep up with demand. In reality, automation actually spans many processes and unique applications that are critical to any innovation-minded business. Even so, profitability still remains the fundamental driver for these companies, and the […]

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Webinar – ORBITAL on July 29

Determining Optimum Injection Speeds Beyond the “Viscosity” or “In Mold Rheology” Curve. Determining optimum injection speeds beyond the “viscosity” or “in mold rheology” curve. Additional Scientific Molding Techniques including cavity imbalance testing, velocity capability/injection speed linearity and the ability to transfer from the velocity control to pressure control phases (VPT response) will be discussed. Data will […]

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Webinar – CONAIR on July 15

CHALLENGES OF ULTRA-LOW AND MEDIUM RATE DOSING Improve product quality through proper dosing Click here to register. Until the last decade, precision dosing for repeatability has been a struggle in the plastics industry. Resin is one of the highest expenses (along with personnel) for plastics processors. In addition to maintaining product quality and uniformity through repeatable, […]

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Webinar – FimmTech on June 17

It is NOT complicated! Design of Experiments for Robust Injection Molding Process Development. Click here to register. Most companies do not perform Design of Experiments (DOE) in Injection Molding. They have a misconception that it is complicated, time consuming and needs a lot of training in math and statistics. We Injection Molders are lucky since […]

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Webinar – by MKS on June 3

SenseLink™ QM Presentation by MKS Instruments Injection molding consists of many dependent process parameters so evaluating the process in a multivariate way is critical to ensuring high product quality. SenseLink™ QM from MKS enables advanced process monitoring and fault detection by leveraging real time multivariate analytics (MVA). Out-of-spec parts are automatically diverted based upon alarm thresholds, […]

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New Plustech HQ

Plustech Building New US Headquarters

Schaumburg, IL – Plustech, Inc. along with Yamazen announced the building of a new Headquarters in Elk Grove Village, IL.  Krusinski Construction Company, based in Oakbrook, IL will be leading the project. The new state-of-the-art facility will be two stories, 138,000 square feet, and will feature a 13,000 square food product showroom that can display […]

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