The V-LINE system was designed with no check ring and utilizes an extrusion grade screw. Therefore the compression of the melt occurs over many flights, not just a few in the transition zone of a typical injection molding screw, thus offering parts molded on our system to have reduced molded-in stresses. This is important because a backlit display with a very high flow path-to-thickness ratio will not warp.

Our molded parts have reduced haze or optical birefringence due to the reduction in molded-in stresses as well. Furthermore, the minor movements of the V-LINE screw compared to other systems (approx.. 1.5mm during shut-off) keeps air from getting trapped in the melt and parts.

  • Special lens specifications available
  • Simple compression function / full compression function to improve sink
  • Easy to find optimizing injection condition in between weld and flow mark
  • Achieves more candela by high transcription
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