Sodick ultra-precision molding technology in action

These videos feature our ultra-precision molding innovations, showcasing a variety of applications on our wide range of molding machines and highlighting the technology behind our premier injection capabilities.

Sodick Injection molding machines - Demo

Sodick machine introduction video

Sodick - Plustech New Building

Plustech Inc - Sodick Injection molding machines in the US will have new home. New headquarter will…

SODICK - 20 ton Model: LP20EH3 with Side Entry Robot

SODICK LP20EH3 is a 20 ton horizontal injection molding machine. This automated cell with Star Auto…

SODICK - Injection Compression Molding

SODICK offers precision injection compression system provided by V-LINE injection method.

SODICK HC03VRE - 3 ton vertical press with automation

SODICK HC03VRE is a 3 ton vertical press with rotary table. This is fully automated cell to mold co…

SODICK TR200VRE - 200 ton vertical press with rotary table

SODICK 200 ton vertical injection molding machine with rotary table. Low profile table for easier a…

SODICK GL150-LSR - Two Shot Molding Machine

Sodick Two Shot Molding machine - LSR + Thermoplastics. 150 ton horizontal press with parting line …

SODICK 30 ton GL30-LP - PEEK Molded Filter

Sodick Micro Molding series - GL30-LP demo. PEEK molded filter applications. High response, high pre…

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