High Speed & Pressure Injection / Injection Compression System

High Speed & High Pressure Molding

Filling a thin wall section requires high speed and high pressure injection capabilities. Because thin wall sections are exposed closely to the mold cavity surface it drastically loses its molten material heat. These applications are perfect for our super high speed and high pressure injection capabilities.

HSP Series

A new hydraulic servo system control improves injection speed and injection pressure dropping response after V-P switchover.

HSP Series Injection Unit Specification

Plunger Diameterp22p28P32P40
Max injection speed (mm/sec)1500150010001000
Max injection pressure (MPa)343343294343
Injection rate (cm3/s)5699238031256
Injection acceleration (G)15.321.814.510.2
Speed rising time (msec)10101010
Speed falling time (msec)5555

Case Study


Application Light Guide – PC
Wall Thickness 0.288 – 0.292mm
  • 5.9 ms (0.0059 sec) to reach 1416mm/sec (55.7”/sec)
  • 6.2 ms (0.0062 sec) to reach 458 MPa (66,427 psi)

Injection Compression System

The injection compression clamping system helps reduce molding defects such as warpage, distortion and excessive shear. Injection compression molding also reduces its clamping force and cooling time.

We offer the most advanced injection compression system in the industry:

  • High speed / high response injection compression control
  • Maintains tight dynamic parallelism
  • Accurate alignment of mold open-close