Micro Molding Options

High dosing accuracy with an ultra-repeatable process

Macro Molding

Uneven dosing volume can be adjusted by packing / holding stage.

Micro Molding

The material solidification is very quick (short fill time) so that packing / holding stage is not effective.   It is easy to detect a non-fill area or flash area. In order to fill a thin-wall area, it requires a higher injection pressure, which depends on dosage volume.  The machine performance is extremely important in these instances.

Micro Molding Challenges

  • Small shot size – miniaturized parts, reduced waste (runner), residence time
  • Advanced polymers – shear sensitive, degradation factor, high temperature, high/low viscosity
  • Special polymers – implantable grade, low viscosity silicone, shape memory, bio-absorbable
  • Complex geometry – thin wall section, multiple core pulls, no conventional ejection

Micro Molding Injection Unit

  • 8mm Plunger / 14mm Screw – Max. Shot Size: 2.0cc (0.07oz)
  • 12mm Plunger / 14mm Screw – Max. Shot Size: 4.5cc (0.15oz)
  • 16mm Plunger / 18mm Screw – Max. Shot Size: 14cc (0.47oz)

Super High Response Injection Valve – Micro Series

The development of a proprietary new valve pushes the envelope in micro molding. The new linear direct double motor valve is ideal for thin wall precision molding applications.

PlungerMax Shot SizeMax Injection SpeedMax Injection PressAcceleration
41730 psi
15.3 G
37962 psi
12.7 G