Perfect Shots Every Time

Optimum Injection Unit for Your Applications

Ideal for high performance / difficult applications:

  • High temperature heater bands (ranging from 140°F – 788°F)
  • Standard wear resistant / corrosive resistant injection package
  • High speed / high pressure injection capability
  • Wide range shot size usage from 10% of total shot or less
  • Variety combination of screw over plunger size
  • Variety combination of injection unit size vs. clamping size

V-LINE® Two Stage Plunger System Standard Combination


Screw DiameterPlunger DiameterInjection Size
1480.07oz / 2.0cc
14120.15oz / 4.5cc
18160.47oz / 14cc


Screw DiameterPlunger DiameterInjection Size
505013.17oz / 392cc
666034.1oz / 1017cc
808067oz / 2000cc


Screw DiameterPlunger DiameterInjection Size
22220.91oz / 27cc
25251.64oz / 49cc
28282.79oz / 83cc
40408.44oz / 251cc


Custom Injection Unit Size

In order to optimize your molding process, it is good idea to optimize the injection unit size. Since we separate the plasticizing and injection processes, you can select a larger size screw for recovery time, and the smaller injection unit for accurate metering and injection profiling. You can also choose the small injection unit for larger molds, such as a hot runner or valve gated mold.


150 ton clamping with the 18mm screw / 16mm plunger = 14cc (0.47 oz.) barrel size injection unit