Elk Grove Village Facility

Operation & Maintenace Training at Plustech Inc. 


January 17th ~ 18th ,2023

January 19th ~ 20th ,2023

Operation Course:

This course is designed to provide the beginner to the intermediate processor with good foundation to understand the individual functions of the machine and basic auxiliaries that make up the plastic injection molding system. 


1) Overall guidance for injection molding machines
2) Comparison between in-line and V-line machines
3) TRD6/IMC7 Controller
4) Setup
5) How to process Sodick plunger machines

Maintenance Course:

This course will teach you troubleshooting and maintenance of Sodick Plustech V-Line Hybrid machine.


1) Guidance for comparison between In-Line and V-Line machine
2) Periodical inspection
3) Hydraulic circuit
4) Electric circuit
5) Cooling system
6) Software version update
7) Plunger and Plasticizing unit maintenance

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To register please email parts@plustech-inc.com,
call 847-490-8130 or fill out the registration form below.


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