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Plustech has made a commitment to delivering the highest quality machines, the strongest technical support, and the most experienced service team to ensure our customers’ profitability and competitive edge toward productivity in the high-demand injection molding manufacturing industry. That difference is newsworthy, and the industry media is sharing our stories of success. Learn what the buzz is about here. For more information, including Media Inquiries, email us.


February 1, 2022

Sodick Press Provides Precision for Tier 2 Supplier

Team 1 likes Sodicks so much, it is planning to buy another 495-tonner by the end of this year, in anticipation of continued growth in 2023, Sanford said. With bigger machines, the company can do more. “They’re really excellent molding machines, especially for precision parts that we’re making,” he said.  … Read More


December 7, 2021

Injection Machine Builders Press Through Record Growth, Ailing Supply Chain

“We’ve seen a surge in orders in the medical device market, especially on the diagnostic side due to the pandemic. … Machine demand in the midsize range of 100-200 tons for us has gone through the roof,” Hampton said, adding orders are also strong in the appliance and industrial markets. … Read More


November 1, 2021

Matrix Tool Sweeps ‘Hot Shots’ Competition

Working together with injection machine builder Sodick Plustech, this Pennsylvania molder and moldmaker won both prizes in Plastics Technology’s first-ever Hot Shots injection molded parts competition, held at Molding 2021. … Read More


September 16, 2021

2021 Hot Shots Finalists

Molded from Sumitomo’s Sumika Super LCP resin in a Sodick Plustech two-stage Hi-Response injection molding machine from Sodick, the showcase part has a wall thickness of just .0048 inch, and is filled in 0.16 second. … Read More


September 1, 2021

Medical Molder Boasts Showpiece Material-Handling System

Flex Manchester is so proud of its new, elaborate drying/conveying system that it greets visitors front and center on their way to view the cleanroom molding floor. … Read More


March 2, 2021

Equipment Distributor Plustech Moves to New Illinois Site

“Making this move will improve efficiency, collaboration, and cost competitiveness, while providing an exceptional work environment for our employees.” Len Hampton – plus tech National Sales Manager … Read More