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Enabling Innovations via Material Science in Healthcare | Sodick and Friends Webinar

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JANUARY 27 2021 @ 1 PM CST

Enabling Innovations via Material Science in Healthcare

The current COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge in demand for –– and even some shortages of –– specialized plastics used in key components such ventilators and other healthcare applications. In response, BASF has collaborated with Techmer PM to launch a new range of precolored and compounded grades in BASF’s Ultrason® portfolio of high-temperature polyarylsulfones.

BASF’s precolored Ultrason® S (polysulfone, or PSU), Ultrason® P (polyphenylsulfone, or PPSU), and Ultrason® E (polyethersulfone, or PESU) grades feature USP Class V or VI as well as ISO 10993 compliance. They also offer autoclave durability, excellent chemical resistance, and can withstand high-pressure steam temperatures up to 134º C, which is vital for the sterilization and reuse of such components.

BASF’s PSU grades are the lowest cost in the family, the PESU grades offer the highest temperature resistance, and the PPSU grades deliver the optimum impact and chemical resistance, says Hung Pham, Strategic Market Development for BASF’s Ultrason range in North America.

These high-temperature thermoplastics often find use in applications such as sterilization trays, hand-held diagnostic equipment, oxygen generators, surgical kits, lab ware, and fluid management containers.

Techmer PM has contributed the necessary healthcare-certified colors and fillers, as well as the compounding expertise needed to ensure the resulting materials meet the market’s ever-evolving demands.

"Techmer PM has always had a big role within the healthcare industry and the color development process,” said Jack Chiang, Director of Applications Development, Techmer PM North America.“This collaboration with BASF will help the customer differentiate their products within the healthcare industry and help simplify the selection process."

Small-volume custom colors of Ultrason® S, P and E grades are available through Techmer PM’s HIFILL® brand; larger volumes can be obtained through BASF representatives. Sample color chips are available, please contact Hung Pham at or Jack Chiang at


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Our Guest Speakers - Hung Pham and Jack Chiang

Hung began his career as a chemist and has more than 30 years of experience in the chemical industry, including 15 years with BASF. Previously he was with Emery, Henkel, Cognis, and finally, Ciba. He also has worked in quality assurance, research and development, pilot production, business analytics, and process technology. In his current role, Hung helps customers with healthcare and water applications. He earned his B.S. in biochemistry from University of Cincinnati and an M.B.A from Xavier University in Ohio.

Hung Pham Strategic Market Development

BASF Ultrason® NA

Jack is a 19-year veteran in the engineered compounds space. He started his career in at LNP as a technical service engineer, then served as a marketing manager for GE Plastics/SABIC in upstate New York, as a market development engineer for Techmer Leyvoss Compounds, and as a Philadelphia-based business development engineer in the northeastern U.S. for Techmer Engineered Solutions. In 2016 Jack became a sales and marketing director and customer service manager for Techmer PM, before assuming his current role, based in New Castle, Del., in January 2017. He earned his B.S. in materials engineering from Drexel University, and is a certified Green Belt from General Electric.

Jack Chiang Director of Applications Development

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