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High-Performance, High-Precision Injection Molded Components | Sodick and Friends Webinar

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SumikaSuper LCPs: Key Enablers for High-Performance, High-Precision Injection Molded Components

In many industry segments, market pressures to increase performance while reducing costs, improve molding consistency and productivity, and lower material usage are causing designers to consider higher performing polymers. An interesting aspect they are learning is that cost/kilogram of raw material is not always a good indicator of final cost/part. In fact, upgrading material performance often enables engineers to produce very-complex parts in thinner wall sections without flash or short shots and in shorter cycle times. The increased productivity and performance are proving very attractive in markets like consumer electronics, electric vehicles, 5G data/communications, and cookware.

Owing to their high thermal and mechanical performance, inherent UL* 94 V-0 flame retardancy, excellent electrical properties even at high frequencies (25 Hz), stress-crack resistance, and chemical inertness, SumikaSuper® liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) continue to be a preferred material for injection molding a variety of high-performance, high-precision components. With high melt-flow rates, fast setup times, and low thermal expansion, LCPs can be injection molded into dimensionally repeatable, thin-wall parts using short molding cycles and delivering high performance at low mass and lower material usage. Additionally, their excellent thermal stability enables processors to efficiently reuse regrind, further increasing process efficiency and reducing costs.

Edson Ito will discuss the performance benefits of LCPs vs. other engineering thermoplastics and explain why these super engineering plastics may make sense for your next-high-performance, high-precision injection molding project.

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Our Guest Speaker - Edson Ito

Edson Ito is an experienced plastics engineer with almost three decades’ industry experience. He has a proven track record managing global strategic market and application-development efforts for high-performance engineering polymers in the electrical / electronics, medical, and automotive market segments. His strong technical and marketing background have helped him shorten time-to-market for materials development, materials validation, and product scaleup. Before joining Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Polymer Division last summer, Edson worked for Celanese Corp. (formerly Ticona) for 26 years, initially starting in his native Brazil and, after 8 years, moving to the U.S. He holds an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University as well as a BS degree in Materials Engineering with a Polymer Specialization from the Federal University of São Carlos in Brazil. Edson also is Black Belt certified.

Edson Ito Senior Business Manager



February 7, 2024

December 14, 2023

December 11, 2023


As a leading precision injection mold machine manufacturer, Sodick continues to pave the way in providing premier injection quality and repeatability. Our proprietary technology relies on a continuous plasticizing heat profile, constant material viscosity, as well as steady filling volume and holding pressure.

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