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Making the Right Elastomer Choice: Silicone or TPE? | Sodick and Friends Webinar

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FEBRUARY 10 2021 @ 1 PM CST

Making the Right Elastomer Choice: Silicone or TPE?

Entrepreneurs, product designers, and engineers will all encounter an “elastomer crossroads” at some point in time in their career. While silicone and thermoplastic elastomers exhibit similar properties at room temperature and can be sourced similarly on a durometer scale, there are important factors to consider when choosing the right elastomer to use. In this webinar, we will discuss which elastomer is the best choice for different applications, prototyping techniques for each, and other considerations to help make your decision easier. Our unique strategy of working with both elastomers in high volumes and varying difficulties provides us with firsthand experience and knowledge in this very important crossroad: Silicone vs. TPE.

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Our Guest Speaker - Mike Fil

Mike graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (’10), and as captain of the 2009 RPI Football team.

Mike’s tenure with Extreme Molding began in 2009 as an intern, and he then joined full-time in 2010 as Production Manager/Design Engineer. Mike has held many different roles within the organization, including Operations Manager. At the start of 2018 - he transitioned into a Business Development and Engineering Management role.

Mike’s primary focus is to grow top line sales and bring customer's products to market faster than the competition, while maintaining profitability. Mike's degree in engineering and experience managing production help him assist customers in successfully taking their product from inception, through design for manufacturability, production, packaging, and introduction into the market.

Mike most enjoys being a father of three (and many pets), participating in sports year-round, fishing, and the changing seasons of Upstate NY.

Mike Fil Business Development Manager

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