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New Machine Shop Flourishes During Uncertain Times

Larsen Tool & Plastics was founded in 2018 out of rural Arkansas. They got their start in rural AR because of the realization that there were not many establishments with high precision environments in that area, and they saw a need for it.  The owners built the facility from the ground up and opened their doors in December 2019.  They were up and running for one month before COVID hit.  However, their commitment to the industry, knowledge, right choices in equipment, and perseverance, insured that the business not only survived COVID, it flourished.

Larsen Tool Owners, Susan and Trygve Larsen in front of their Sodick Plustech Injection Molding Machine.

The company specializes in full life cycle manufacturing including, tooling, molding, molded plastic parts and on-site testing.  The company owners have brought 35 years of experience in the industry when they started the company, in fact Larsen’s Co-Owner, Trygve Larsen, became an apprentice tool maker in 1987, specializing in tool and die making for injection molding equipment.

The facility houses extensive top of the line equipment, capable of providing customers with anything they need in the areas of High Speed Milling, New Molds, Dies and Fixtures, CNC Machining, CNC Sinker EDM, CNC Wire EDM, Engineering, and Plastic Injection Molding.  Although they work with many local customers, they ship their products nationwide. Larsen prides themselves with being able to build 100% of their components in the USA, in their shop.

Larsen Tool & Plastics is a complete full life cycle shop, and building new molds and running parts in a fully equipped machine shop.  They pride themselves with quick lead times and reliability.  If fact, as Co-Owner of Larsen Tool & Plastics, Susan Larsen says, they have never missed a deadline, and will go above and beyond to get the job done right. 

Larsen Tool's Climate Controlled Shop

Since their start, Larsen Tool has outfit their shop with Sodick brand equipment.  They own a Sodick High Speed Mill, Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, and Injection Molding Machine. 

The shop itself is climate controlled, and kept in pristine condition. They primary serve the medical and aerospace industries, although branch out and support other industries as well.  The shop itself has grown simply by word-of-mouth. “We don’t have salespeople, we have done no advertising – we’ve gained all our business from satisfied customers telling their friends and colleagues about us,” stated Susan Larsen.

They selected their Sodick Injection Molding Machine, the TR14OEH, because of Trygve’s experience with the equipment in the past, and the quality and reliability he experienced when previously running Sodick presses.  In the time they’ve had the machine, they have had nothing but success with the equipment.  Anytime they have reached out to Sodick/Plustech for support, they have been amazed by their responsiveness.  Susan Larsen stated, “We can’t have equipment be down for two weeks, waiting for help, we support the medical industry and waiting two weeks or more for some of those components is not a possibility for them”.  

Josiah Anderson, Lydia Anderson, Shorty Yates, Susan Larsen & Trygve Larsen

Trygve Larsen stated, “the Sodick press is exceptional at filling small parts, the types of parts other shops don’t have the capability to fill”.  He continued, “one example of a part we make is a 16thinch diameter – quarter inch long part with a 0.010 hole in the middle”.  He was unable to provide details what the part is for due to the nature of the industries the shop serves, security for our customers is very important.

The shop itself started at a rough time, right before COVID came into the US.  Despite the unpredictability COVID brought, the shop flourished.  The only issues they encountered was a difficulty in obtaining plastics and boxes. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and the shop overcame those challenges and found what they needed and did not miss any deadlines.

The shop keeps growing and is adding Sodick injection molding Presses as needed, the GL100A. Which will further enhance their capabilities.

In addition to their current Sodick injection Molding machine, the shop also has the following:

  1. Ultra-High-Speed Mill Sodick UH430L

  2. High-Performance Sodick Wire EDM ALN400G

  3. High-Speed High-Performance Sodick CNC Sinker EDM

  4. Sodick K1C+Z Small Hole EDM

From Left to Right: Josiah Anderson on the Sodick Wire EDM, Lydia Anderson on the Sodick Sinker EDM, and Shorty Yates on the Sodick High Speed Mill, Brian Minock next to the Sodick Press.



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As a leading precision injection mold machine manufacturer, Sodick continues to pave the way in providing premier injection quality and repeatability. Our proprietary technology relies on a continuous plasticizing heat profile, constant material viscosity, as well as steady filling volume and holding pressure.

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