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Polymer Material Considerations for Implantable Medical Device Applications | Sodick and Friends

Polymer Material Considerations for Implantable Medical Device Applications

Implantable medical device applications present their own set of challenges due to the strong regulatory compliance and high risk involved. Depending on the desired performance, devices could remain intact in the body or could be reabsorbed with time. Proper material selection and processing considerations are key factors to consider when successfully designing implantable devices. During the webinar, differences between materials, processing challenges, and regulatory considerations for these demanding applications will be presented.

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Our Guest Speaker - Larry Acquarulo

Larry is the founder and CEO of Foster Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of critical polymer compounds for medical devices and drug delivery. Incorporated in 1989, Foster is headquartered in Putnam CT, with a west coast facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Foster specializes in melt extrusion blending and forming of highly regulated materials including implantable polymers and bioresorbable drug delivery polymers used in catheters, combination devices, and controlled release delivery systems.

Larry received a Bachelor’s degree in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, followed by a master’s degree in Material Science from the University of Connecticut, and a PhD in Engineering Management from Kennedy Western University. Larry’s interests and patents relate to the field of nano composites, cross-linkable polymers, lubricated and drug-filled polymers for medical device and pharmaceutical use.

Larry is involved in many philanthropic causes including the establishment of the Polymer manufacturing lab at Quinebaug Valley Community College and the Co-founding of the Quinebaug Manufacturing Institute. He has an endowed Scholarship fund at Umass Lowell and a scholarship fund at East Haven High School. Foster Corp is a major supporter of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Event in Northeastern Ct.

Larry enjoys music, golf, fishing, and outdoor activities. He lives in Lisbon, Ct, with his wife Cheryl.

Larry Acquarulo

Larry Acquarulo Founder & CEO, Foster Corporation



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