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QC Color in-line during the Injection molding process | Sodick & Friends Webinar

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AUGUST 10, 2022 @ 1 PM CT

QC Color in-line during the Injection molding process to reduce your Cost of Quality

Course Overview

Introducing the LIAD Smart, Spectro 4.0 in-line color measurement and correction technology by Ampacet, designed for continuous QC of molded color parts after the shot is released. The patented, Spectro 4.0 utilizes self-calibrating fiber optic probes that can be attached to robotics or conveying systems to provide in-line color measurement and even communicates in real-time back to the SpectroMetric feeder to adjust the color speed if the part deviates from the set color specification. Color data by line is easily monitored via the Cloud and downloadable for QC records.

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Our Guest Speakers

Douglas Brownfield

A 35-year plastics industry veteran, Doug began his career with Dow Chemical and has been with Ampacet for more than 20 years, serving the molding and extrusion markets.

He was named Commercial Director, CISystems in 2019 when Ampacet acquired Israeli-based LIAD Weighing & Control Systems.

Doug and the CISystems team work with the LIAD Smart technologies group to develop Industry 4.0 integrated and automated feeding, blending and color measurement systems that will dramatically improve the performance of today’s processing operations.

Douglas A. Brownfield

Douglas A. Brownfield Commercial Director, CISystems

Vince Paskie

Vince has more than 30 years’ experience in plastic auxiliary equipment and is responsible for the growth of LIAD weighing and blending technologies in North America, including the new BlendSave automated resin management and blending system.

Before joining Ampacet, he held sales and service management positions with Moretto USA and Conair.

Vince Paskie

Vince Paskie Business Development Manager, CISystems



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As a leading precision injection mold machine manufacturer, Sodick continues to pave the way in providing premier injection quality and repeatability. Our proprietary technology relies on a continuous plasticizing heat profile, constant material viscosity, as well as steady filling volume and holding pressure.

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