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See Plustech Speak at IMTECH 2017

Challenging Micro Molding Applications’, along with Dr. Stefan Kruppa.  The talk is scheduled to take place Thursday, August 3rd at 9:30am, in the Precision Molding Machinery & Process Control track.  The talk will focus on the true micro molding approach and how it is critical to meet today’s demanding ‘miniaturization’ applications.  They will present real-life molding challenges of micro molding applications’ evaluation, process development steps, and unique and special techniques of processing function through the use of a two-stage plunger injection molding equipment approach.

Additionally, Plustech will be offering facility tours to see their latest equipment during the event.  Those tours will take place August 1st and 2nd.  The tour will begin at the Sodick facility (1605 N. Penny Lane, Schaumburg, IL) to showcase Sodick’s 3D printing platform, the OPM.  The OPM is designed for molds, enabling high-quality conformal cooling for many molding applications.  Sodick will go over techniques and best practices for implementing 3D technology to your facility, along with going over the latest advancements in technology to improve mold productivity.  The Sodick OPM250L 3D printer will be providing a live demonstration during the facility tour.  The next stop will be Sodic



February 7, 2024

December 14, 2023

December 11, 2023


As a leading precision injection mold machine manufacturer, Sodick continues to pave the way in providing premier injection quality and repeatability. Our proprietary technology relies on a continuous plasticizing heat profile, constant material viscosity, as well as steady filling volume and holding pressure.

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