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Sodick & Friends - Beaumont on Aug 19

What is Flow Grouping – and Why Should You Care?

How do we utilize Flow Grouping to determine the source of fill imbalances in multi-cavity molds? How can you use Flow Grouping to get to the root cause of your imbalances faster?

Beaumont’s Kevin Rottinghaus will answer these questions and more as he dives into the science behind Flow Grouping and how you can properly analyze the filling balance in your multi-cavity molds – whether you are utilizing hot runners or cold runners.

By the end of this webinar you should be able to answer the question: Is it Steel or is it Shear?

Topics will include:

  1. Plastic flow fundamentals

  2. How to break down a multi-cavity mold into flow groups

  3. How to recognize steel imbalances

  4. How to recognize shear-induced imbalances

  5. How to download FREE software to make this process easier for you!

Speaker: Kevin Rottinghaus - Regional Sales Manager, Midwest

Kevin is Beaumont’s Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest region. He got his start in the plastics industry twelve years ago while working for a small injection molding company in Wisconsin. He fell in love with plastics, and set out to learn everything he could about injection molding, polymer materials, additives, secondary operations, and tooling. Kevin has been with Beaumont since 2011 and is now a sought-after sales partner and consultant. His customers know that is quick to respond to their needs and will work tirelessly to help them solve their challenges, backed by Beaumont’s team of engineers. He never stops learning and has attended numerous training seminars taught by the American Injection Molding Institute, Mike Sepe, and John Bozzelli. Kevin is originally from Woodbury Minnesota and attended Saint Cloud State University and the University of River Falls Wisconsin. Kevin now resides in Somerset, WI with his wife, Megan and two boys Jude and Lincoln



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