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The Importance of Quality Tooling, Technology and Collaboration in Injection Molding | Sodick and...

April 7 2021 @ 1 PM CST

The Importance of Quality Tooling, Technology and Collaboration in Injection Molding

The team from Teamvantage, Custom Mold & Design and Paradigme Engineering will be discussing the importance of having quality designed and built tooling and its impact on the manufacturing process. Key considerations in the overall process include: communication is the key to success, collaboration and optimized design for manufacturability is essential, collaboration on mold design optimization, and manufacturing close-tolerance tooling using best-in-class equipment leads to the completion of high quality tooling.

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Our Guest Speakers - Lester Jones, Jon Palmquist and Kelly Stichter

Lester Jones has been with Teamvantage for 17 years and in the industry for 40 years. As COO, Lester is responsible for the overall operation of Teamvantage, Custom Mold & Design and Paradigme Engineering. He accomplishes this by working closely with the General Manager at each location, who have overall site responsibility. Prior to Teamvantage, Lester held several roles including GM with Phillips Plastics where he worked for 13 years; Operations Manager for Contour Plastics (now Nolato); and Director of Engineering at Thermotech.

Lester Jones COO of Teamvantage, Custom Mold & Design and Paradigme Engineering

Jon Palmquist is the General Manager of Custom Mold & Design. As the General Manager, Jon stays involved in every aspect of the mold building process, from estimating to final assembly, with a heavy focus on engineering. Prior to joining the Custom Mold & Design team, Jon founded Paradigme Engineering, a mold shop specializing in complex tooling, which he owned for 23 years. Prior to that, he worked as a mold builder and designer for several tool shops. Jon has over 40 years of experience in the mold making industry.

Jon Palmquist General Manager Custom Mold & Design

Kelly Stichter is the General Manager at Teamvantage, where she leads a team focused on developing and producing products for the medical and defense markets. Kelly has worked in contract manufacturing for over 25 years and has held positions in engineering, operations, quality and executive management in both privately held and public corporations. She embraces the fast pace and challenges associated with growing a business, applying technology to streamline processes, driving continuous improvement and developing teams to deliver creative solutions that improve lives. Kelly holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of St Thomas.

Kelly Stichter General Manager Teamvantage



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