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Training Classes Announced for September 2018

Operation and Processing Fundamentals Course This course is designed to provide the beginner to the intermediate processor with a good foundation to understand the individual functions of the machine and basic auxiliaries that make up the plastic injection molding system. When: September 11-12th, 2018 (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) Where: Plustech Inc. 735 E Remington Rd., Schaumburg IL 60173 Contents: 1) Guidance on overall injection molding machines 2) Comparison between In-Line and V-Line machines 3) TRD6 / IMC7 controller 4) Set-up 5) How to process a Sodick plunger machine

Maintenance Course This course will teach you troubleshooting and maintenance of Sodick Plustech V-Line Hybrid machines. When: September 13-14th, 2018 (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) Where: Plustech Inc. 735 E Remington Rd., Schaumburg IL 60173 Contents: 1) Guidance of comparison between In-Line and V-Line machines 2) Periodical inspection 3) Hydraulic circuit 4) Electric circuit 5) Cooling system 6) Software version update 7) Plunger and Plasticizing unit maintenance

Systematic Molding CourseGain the knowledge to improve your process, to improve your quality! Systematic Molding is a three-day foundational course for anyone who wants to develop a systematic approach to molding. Through a combination of classroom instruction and activity-driven learning, students leave with a better understanding of how to develop a machine-independent process, how to make data-driven improvements to existing processes, and how to effectively troubleshoot using scientific and systematic approaches. Students will also understand the cause and effect relationships between the machine, process, mold, and material as well as how and why polymer behavior is influenced. This will allow them to make informed decisions for lasting solutions instead of band-aid fixes to the process. This course is a great way to help students be successful in Master Molder®. NOTE: On-machine practice and/or demonstration is not guaranteed for any public Systematic Molding course and is at the instructor's discretion. When: September 18-20th, 2018 (8:30 am to 5:00 pm) Where: Plustech Inc. 735 E Remington Rd., Schaumburg IL 60173 Contents:

  1. Mold and part design considerations

  2. The four plastic variables of injection molding

  3. The molding system

  4. The molding problem, simply stated

  5. Process control from the plastic’s point of view

  6. Introduction to instrumentation strategies Course Prerequisites Participants should have a basic understanding of injection molding machine components. Also, we recommend taking our assessment test to see if you would benefit from taking Injection Molding Essentials and the Math for Molders courses. *****Training schedule dates are subject to change based on machine availability**** To register and for more information, please contact Yoriko Mori (



February 7, 2024

December 14, 2023

December 11, 2023


As a leading precision injection mold machine manufacturer, Sodick continues to pave the way in providing premier injection quality and repeatability. Our proprietary technology relies on a continuous plasticizing heat profile, constant material viscosity, as well as steady filling volume and holding pressure.

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