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Sodick ultra-precision molding technology in action

These videos feature our ultra-precision molding innovations, showcasing a variety of applications on our wide range of molding machines and highlighting the technology behind our premier injection capabilities.

Sodick - Machine Demo

Introducing different type of Sodick Products

Sodick user - Sumitomo Chemical

Sodick presses is a High Precision Super Sports Car

Sodick user - Teamvantage

Sodick machines make a huge difference with challenging jobs. Difficult materials, thin wall sectio…

Sodick user - MTD Micro Molding

Sodick presses are helping our repeatabilty tremendous amount

Sodick & Friends - TOPAS COC

TOPAS COC in Medical and Diagnostic Applications. TOPAS is a unique olefin well suited to Medical an…

Sodick User - Isometric Micro Molding

Isometric says "Come on! Really!?" 1 micron postion accuracy

Sodick user - Orbital Plastics Consulting

Having Fun with Sodick presses - Pretty Incredible Speed Control

Sodick User - Foster Corporation

Two Stage molding is carefully managing polymers such as PLA.

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